Master remembering anyone's name

in 5 minutes a day

You are not alone, everyone struggles with remembering people's names.

Name Genius is a free memory training app.

  • Forgetting Sucks

    Forgetting Sucks

    Forgetting Sucks

    Forgetting someone's name is all to common. It is awkward and embarrassing.

  • Fully Responsive

    Master Remembering

    Master Remembering

    You can master anyone's names. We've evolved to handle relationships with 150 or less. With Name Genius, you can decide what names you want to remember. You're recall will be perfect, forever.

  • Fully Responsive

    Memory Algorithm

    Memory Algorithm

    Name Genius works, because it uses a memory algorithm to schedule when you practice recalling a name.

Innovative name memorization app

There is no such thing as a good memory or a talent for memory. Memory is a muscle. If you train it, it strengthens.

1/3 of your memory potential is biological, but 2/3 of your potential is up to choices you make.

Name Genius is a tool that you can use to capture and then practice people's names.

For any sales lead, coworker, neighbor, or distant relative... you simply add their name, a description, and an optional photo.

Screenshot of Name Genius Screenshot of Name Genius showing someone's name after a quiz

Name Genius uses daily reminders so you can practice remembering people's names.

Reminders are scheduled using a memory algorithm. This algorithm has been scientifically tested and is significantly more effective than traditional memory techniques. In as little as 5 minutes a day, you can master new names.

Memory Genius is free to get started.


"I've always been bad at names. Starting a new job, I tried an experiment. I memorized everyone's name and photo using an early prototype of Name Genius.

This remarkable life hack gave me more confidence and reduced my stress. It was like a 3 week headstart." -- Austin King, Creator of Name Genius